What We Seek

We seek young men, aged 13-16 years, who have limited paternal influence and have shown some signs of struggle with socialization or respect.

We identify our at-risk candidates through schools, churches, teachers, social workers and community outreach programs. Our ideal candidate will have some desire to learn the traditional outdoor sports and is showing character attributes indicating a need for role modeling.

The program will run weekly for 46 out of 52 weeks per year. Participants will be transported to various locations to participate in a weekly field trip.
A sampling of some of the activities include: archery instruction, waterfowl banding, blind building, habitat management, dog training, learning to call various animals, gun safety and shooting, farm work, turkey hunting, snowshoeing, ecosystem dynamics, etc. For a full curriculum, please "click" on Curriculum.

Green Across The Pacific - Environmental Studies for High School Students in Vermont and China Mission Statement

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